Monday, October 31, 2016

There's another entry into the MP Dinobot ring: Fans Toys Sever! AKA: Snarl.

Snarl debuted in the same episode as Swoop from season one of the Transformers, "War of the Dinobots". Chip Chase said," A Stegosaurus is a great model for a Dinobot." My brother had the original Snarl, and it was passed down to me. Although Snarl was slow and not very bright, he always seemed to be a quiet powerhouse.
Fans Toys has done a great job again. They've made another perfect Masterpiece style Dinobot  with Sever. Make no mistake, Sever is the best version of a Masterpiece Snarl you will find. He comes with his sword and his gun, both based off his G1 model, just like Swoop. These weapons light up, and you can install batteries in these to get the full effect! This would be perfect for display! Eventually, I plan on making a cool diorama and mounting it to the wall to give all my MPs the display case they deserve.
Once again, Fan Toys delivers amazing articulation. All the articulation you would expect to need is supplied in spades. I love how Fan Toys gives them articulated fingers. Also, Sever has the addition of a usable waist swivel. I was impressed with the ingenious ankle tilts on the figure.  He is a really solid Stegosaurus.

Sever's transformation is more complicated than Soar's. There are a couple moments when his back and his legs get blown apart and have to be reformed during his transformation. It is not as much transforming as it is parts shifting. It was a bit annoying to take it apart and put it back together. This reminded me of some of Badcube's Mp efforts. There is an unfolding and then recombining of parts in order to get his legs and tail out. It's not too bad, but it is a little unsettling when you have his legs all folded out. It would be easy in the moment to break a piece off. However, it does come back together nicely after the initial anxious moments. It feels sturdy once it is recombined.

Unlike Soar, Sever is mostly plastic. Only his toes and his abdomen are die cast metal. His transformation seems to require more plastic. There are quite a bit of moving parts. It is really something though when he is in Stegosaurus mode. All the work you do to get him there is worth it. I get a really big kick out of the fact that his Stego head's mouth can open and close. I was not expecting that so it really gave me that "hah" moment.

My quibbles are minor though and do not detract from the overall awesomeness of the figure. Sever is Masterpiece Snarl. Him standing with Soar and Stomp makes me nostalgic. I can't wait for Grinder and Cesium. I want to see all five Dinobots lined up next to each other in all their glory. Fans Toys has captured the aesthetic of those legendary dinos.

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